Dingy Harry is Wagging The Dog – Using Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns As A Distraction From Real American Concerns

Berry Obama is afraid to debate the real issues with Mitt Romney, he obviously sees his first term as a president as a complete  failure and has nothing to be proud about so he turns his little mobbed-up lap dog on Romney to create a diversion. It’s Called “Wagging The Dog”

Dingy Harry Wag The Dog

The American public never ceases to amaze, Dingy Harry tells a lie and everyone wants Mitt Romney to disprove it. There is no problem with Mitt Romney not disclosing his tax returns, he Is just not playing Dingy Harry’s game. What game you ask?

How much of this campaign has been about the real issues…jobs, the economy, fuel prices, healthcare or foreign policy? about 5%, if that. Dingy Harry Reid is “Wagging The Dog” for Obama to keep the real concerns of the American people off the table and out of our minds. We just want to know what’s in the tax returns.

What if Romney came out today and said okay Dingy Harry here are my last 10 years of tax returns, what now? Dingy Harry will scour them and come up with – Oh, look how much money you have, look at your tax rate, why is the percentage so low?

Even if every line in the returns is 100% legit and within the tax code Dingy Harry will try to make the public think that Romney is cheating and unpatriotic because he doesn’t pay the same percentage as a middle class earner. He will “Wag The Dog ” some more and keep talking about these tax returns until the November election, keeping all the real issues off the table and out of our minds.

Mitt Romney made a lot of money, tens or hundreds of millions and if he paid 8 or 10% tax on 100 million he paid between 8 and 10 million dollars in taxes…that’s a lot of tax! A middle class taxpayer with an annual tax bill of $10,000 per year won’t pay that much in 800 years, so don’t think that Mitt Romney isn’t paying his share.

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