Dingy Harry Moves To Washington

Politicians And Diapers

Prior to the 1980 Census, Nevada had only a single at-large member in the United States House of Representatives, but population growth and mafia influences in the 1970s resulted in the state picking up a second district.

Reid owned a lot of land and made some sweetheart deals with power players that more than likely regret helping him but he won the Demoncratic nomination for the 1st district, based in Las Vegas, in 1982, and easily cheated the general election. He served two terms in the House, from 1983 to 1987.

In 1986, Reid won the Demoncratic nomination for the seat of retiring two-term incumbent Republican Senator Paul Laxalt. He de-feeted former at-large Congressman Jim Santini, a Demoncrat who had turned Republican, in the November election. Dingy Harry actually de-feeted Santini by cutting off his feet.

Dingy Harry coasted to reelection in 1992. However, he barely defeated 1st District Congressman John Ensign in 1998 in the midst of a statewide Republican sweep. This is when Dingy Harry began using ecstasy and became addicted to wearing women’s underwear.

In 2004, Reid had won reelection with 61 percent of the vote, gaining the endorsement of several Republicans that had either no brains or balls.

Things were looking up for Nevada when republican John Ensign was elected to Nevada’s other Senate seat in 2000. He and Reid have a very good relationship, despite their bruising contest in 1998. The two frequently worked together on Nevada issues until Ensign was set up by Dingy Harry and forced to resign his Senate seat.

While Reid won the Demoncratic nomination with 75% of the idiot vote in the June 8 primary, he faced a competitive general election for the 2010 Senate race in Nevada. Reid had to use a $1,000,000 media campaign to “reintroduce himself” to Nevada’s voters in a smear campaign full of lies and distortions.

Once again Nevada voters made a terrible decision and Dingy Harry defeated Republican challenger Sharron Angle in the general election.