Political Positions

Dingy Harry is not shy when it comes to Political positions, sometimes he likes to be on top, and other times like when he is with Nancy Pelosi or president Obama he like to be on the bottom and to the left.

Reid has scored a lifetime conservative rating of 19% from the American Conservative Union (ACU), which translates into HE SUCKS and a 2008 liberal rating of 70% from the Americans for Demoncratic Action, Which translates into HE SUCKS EVEN MORE.

Dingy Harry Has No Brain

Regarding same-sex marriage, Reid has stated he believes “…marriage should be between a man and a woman.” He then wondered out loud on the senate floor “you know that Hillary Clinton got’s bigger balls than Bill, does that mean I’m against their marriage.”

In regard to local issues, Dingy Harry has firmly opposed the proposed Yucca Mountain federal nuclear waste repository in Nevada and thinks they should put it in Atlantic City instead.

Reid has opposed the legalization of online poker in the past, but has more recently changed his position, a move that was influenced by a spanking from Steve Wynn and “the hundreds of thousands of dollars Las Vegas casinos contributed to his re-election campaign”.

Because they won’t be with him even for double the money Dingy Harry has also advocated the outlawing of prostitution in Nevada, an unpopular position within the state.